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Brown Belt Red Tip - 2nd Assistant Instructor

Brown Belt with Red Tip is the 10th level of the system.

At this level, the disciple will begin advanced level expectations of stances, exercises, techniques, and tumbling.

The disciple will continue meditation, step sparring, grappling, and full sparring as well as perfect intermediate level techniques.

Red Tip level self defense technique should demonstrate a more confident ability to escape most encounters.

As a disciple of a Master Instructor, they are required to put forth extra effort in every aspect of their training.

At this level, the disciple will learn the fourth section of Shikata Kaze and the third section of Shikata Hi.

Shikata Tsuchi - 50
Shikata Mizu - 50
Shikata Kaze - 40
Shikata Hi - 30

White Belt
Yellow Belt
Orange Belt
Green Belt
Purple Belt
Purple Belt Blue Tip
Blue Belt
Blue Belt - 1st Assistant Instructor
Blue Belt Brown Tip
Blue Belt Brown Tip - 1st Assistant Instructor
Brown Belt
Brown Belt - 2nd Assistant Instructor
Brown Belt Red Tip
Red Belt
Red Belt - 3rd Assistant Instructor
Red Belt Black Tip
Red Belt Black Tip - 3rd Assistant Instructor
1st Dan - Instructor
2nd Dan - Instructor
3rd Dan - Instructor
4th Dan - Master Instructor
5th Dan - Master Instructor
6th Dan - Master Instructor
7th Dan - Grand Master

Earth Master
Water Master
Wind Master
Fire Master