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Black Belt - 2nd Dan

Black Belt - 2nd Dan is the 14th level of the system and the 2nd level of instructor.

At this level, the disciple will be able to run a school without a Master Instructor.

A minimum of two years is required before becoming eligible for 3rd Dan.

Black Belt level self defense technique should demonstrate a confident ability to escape from every single attack style as well as multiple encounters.

At this level, the disciple will learn 1 new form:
Shikata Rai "The Method of Lightning".

Shikata Tsuchi - 50
Shikata Mizu - 50
Shikata Kaze - 50
Shikata Hi - 50
Shikata Koori - 10
Shikata Sagiri - 10
Shikata Kanetsu - 10
Shikata Kinzoku - 10
Shikata Rai - 20

White Belt
Yellow Belt
Orange Belt
Green Belt
Purple Belt
Purple Belt Blue Tip
Blue Belt
Blue Belt - 1st Assistant Instructor
Blue Belt Brown Tip
Blue Belt Brown Tip - 1st Assistant Instructor
Brown Belt
Brown Belt - 2nd Assistant Instructor
Brown Belt Red Tip
Brown Belt Red Tip - 2nd Assistant Instructor
Red Belt
Red Belt - 3rd Assistant Instructor
Red Belt Black Tip
Red Belt Black Tip - 3rd Assistant Instructor
1st Dan - Instructor
3rd Dan - Instructor
4th Dan - Master Instructor
5th Dan - Master Instructor
6th Dan - Master Instructor
7th Dan - Grand Master

Earth Master
Water Master
Wind Master
Fire Master