Yoso Te

Yoso Te is the shorthand name for the martial art called Shikata Yoso Te, meaning "The Method of the Elemental Hand",
or simply, "The Way of the Elements".

Principles and Philosophies of the Elements:

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Earth is the element of stability and durability within the body.


Water is element of relaxed and circular flowing motion.


Wind is the element of quick and evasive reflexes.


Fire is the element of explosive and unrelenting power.


Has no physical form or direct motion associated with it.

Self Preservation

Yoso Te is a system devoted to self preservation or self defense be it from physical encounter or from stresses presented in day to day life. As stated once by the founder of the system "It's not whether you win or lose... or even how you play the game. It is whether you play the game as it is written or do you modify the game to suit yourself. You will learn how to fight and defend against the punch or the grab or the knife... but more so you will learn how to protect yourself from the daily bombardment of society's stresses."



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St. Louis, Missouri
Sappington, Missouri
Plano, Texas


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