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Water is the flow associated with the ability to absorb or redirect the energy of the opposition.



In its physical form, Water is relaxed and circular.
It will flow over or around an obstacle, redirect or rearrange an obstacle, or it will completely overtake
the obstacle. Water is calm and serene by nature, but when agitated, can unleash devastation of the highest
magnitude. It will teach the practitioner adaptive methods to shape a situation to fit your own needs, rather than
be compounded with confrontation. Practioners learn to make their bodies bend and move in ways not commonly
used in daily life.

In motion, Water will flow in circular patterns and will mold itself to its surroundings as it begins to modify
its surroundings. In its mental form, Water is passive, yet unrelenting. It will give enough to allow for
redirection, yet it will not fracture or collapse. Practitioners will learn to find efficient and viable
solutions to stress in a calm and relaxed state.