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Fire is the essence of one's ability to overcome opposition with fast, precise,
and controlled emotional responses.



In its physical form, Fire is destructive and unrelenting.
It will act faster and with more total output than the obstacle presented. Practitioners will learn
speed and precision while perfecting their durability. Fire destroys all that crosses it. Their muscles
will also develop a quickness that will be unmatched by the other elements.

In motion, Fire is seemingly linear in direct use, but will seek in all directions from the source.
In its mental form, Fire is obstinate and antagonistic. It will conquer conflict by overtaking the
obstacle with greater speed and ferocity. Practitioners will learn to utilize a "controlled rage"
in which they will allow adrenaline to escalate, yet guide their emotional output to remain in control.
Practitioners will develop a physical durability that will also apply to their mind in which they
will have great patience when they wish. They will overcome stressful situations by either disregarding
the conflict altogether, by providing an alternate solution that may serve to modify the conflict to
a more suitable scenario, or to disrupt the encounter altogether.